About Spartan Strength

Our philosophy is simple, “Total body fitness can help individuals achieve true fitness for life.”

Performance workouts mean you’ll be trained in all avenues of fitness along multiple planes of motion. Keeping workouts diverse helps prevent overuse injuries and boredom–all while developing overall health and wellness.

Spartan divides the workouts into three groups: strength, cardio, and recovery.

Strength days emphasize two areas: power and strength. Power improves your ability to move quickly while increasing anaerobic endurance. Strength emphasis improves your ability to perform work through a full range of motion in all planes of movement. Cardio focuses on aerobic endurance along with speed and agility depending on the phase of the program and your ability. Recovery assures that you maintain proper posture and alignment while improving overall flexibility.

Spartan Strength helps you become fit, along with improving your body composition. If you’re ready to provide the power to get fit, we’re here to provide the expertise to help you meet your goals.


Nick RouseNick Rouse, Head Trainer, has been operating Spartan since ’08.  Nick has been football and strength coach since ’02 when he started coaching LBs at Drake.  Coaching 8A HS football at Lake Park and training at Lifetime in Chicagoland from ’04-’08, Nick returned to Des Moines opening Spartan Strength.  Iowa Energy, Z3 Triathlon, Des Moines Buccaneers, as well as hundreds of others in Central Iowa have learned from Nick.  USAW-Level 1, NSCA-CSCS, NASM-CPT, TRX Suspension Trainer