Controlling Diabetes

When I signed up for Spartan Strength four weeks ago, I was the fattest and most out of shape that I had been in my entire life. I was tired all of the time and was not able to keep up with my wife and 18 month old daughter.

In January, 2011, I went to see my doctor for a routine physical. Aside from the obvious pounds that I had put on, my doctor told me that my blood work indicated that I was pre-diabetic.

Hearing this was a total shock and made me realize that if I wanted to be around to provide for my family, I better start taking care of myself. My wife and I discussed ways that I could improve my health. We decided that I needed a goal and wagered that I would run the Des Moines Half Marathon in October. I started watching what I ate and began jogging on my own. That lasted about three weeks, before my surgically repaired ankle and knees began screaming at me in pain. In response, I decided to give them rest.

About a week after resuming my normal habit of coming home from work, eating and loafing on the couch, my wife asked when I was going to go back to the gym. I made up some lame excuse about my sore ankle and knees and that the half-marathon wasn’t until October. Being the tremendous motivator that she is, my wife replied, “You quit.” She was right, I had quit.

I went back to my doctor’s office for another blood draw and was told that my cholestorol and trygliceride levels were still too high, and that my liver function was below average.

About that time I remembered a friend had recommended that I try Spartan Strength. I looked at the website and called Nick. I tried it out for a week and was amazed at how hard I was working. While I was getting pushed harder than I had pushed myself in over a decade, I was having a tremendous amount of fun.

Last Friday, I went back to my doctor’s office for my scheduled blood draw. While I have been very good about what I eat and am beginning to see the changes in my body, I was still nervous for my results.

Yesterday, on my way to Spartan Strength, my doctor called me on my cell phone. He asked me what I was doing, because he had never seen blood levels drop as significantly as what mine have. I have lost close to 10 pounds and am feeling like a new person. I also have a normal functioning liver and average cholesterol and trygliceride readings.

Thanks to Nick, Michelle and everyone at Spartan Strength for pushing me and keeping me motivated.

Mark Powell

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