Stay Moitvated With an Obstacle Course Race!

Often the most difficult part of a fitness regimen is staying motivated.  Some people stay motivated by pursuing weight loss or body composition goals.  But how do you stay motivated once you reach these goals or if you’re a former athlete looking to stay motivated?

Obstacle course races have become popular in recent years and signing up to compete in a race is a great way to stay motivated.

Having trouble staying motivated?

Obstacle courses require a level of fitness that is more than just running, strength is also a huge component in completing an obstacle course.  Clearing walls, monkey bars, hills, etc all require a certain amount of strength.  Having a goal of competing and completing one of these courses can help clients stay motivated to hit the weights and stick to your program. There are now races for athletes of all levels and experience, whether it is your first or fifth Spartan can help you prepare.    Spartan Strength combines strength and endurance into the program and can help you accomplish this goal of completing an obstacle course race.

The next time you’re in Spartan Strength at either or downtown Des Moines or our Clive location, ask us about how you could get involved in an obstacle course race.

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