Healthy Tips and Tools

Eating healthy and clean foods serves as a benefit to our lives in numerous ways. We feel better physically and emotionally, performance in the gym increases dramatically, quality of sleep improves, and completing any task becomes feasible. Eating healthy and deciphering between junk and real food is not the most difficult part. However, the decision to consistently make the proper choice is not always easy. This decision becomes even more difficult as we approach the holiday season and the temptation to eat poorly confronts us daily. Do not be mistaken. Eating correctly 100% of the time is not possible and I do not recommend striving towards it, as it can cause stress and set us up for complete catastrophe in the long run.

The following are some tips and tools that will aid in creating healthy habits and keep you on track towards your performance goals as a member at Spartan Strength.

Wrappers, Boxes and Bags Oh My!

Although it is convenient, tasty, and tempting to peel apart that perforated package, we are only setting ourselves up for failure when doing so. Anything that comes out of a box or is sealed up tightly with an expiration date a year from now is not a healthy food. Sadly, there are scientists and advertising marketers getting paid millions to please our taste buds and convince us to purchase their so called “food.” My recommendation to solve this dilemma is to first, avoid aisles of the super market that contain these junks foods and focus your shopping towards the outside sections of the store containing vegetables and fruits. Second, create a shopping list of healthy items before leaving the house and abide to it! Lastly, even when that colorful packaging and voice in your head tempt you uncontrollably, remember your goals and simply DO NOT place it in the shopping cart, because if it’s in the cupboard it will get eaten.

Have H2O Wherever You Go

Water is quintessential for us to sustain life. Every physiological process requires it and the human body is comprised of nearly 75% water. We lose water through sweat, urine, breathing, and processing toxins in our liver. Thusly, to perform optimally we require a consistent intake of fresh, clean water throughout the day. Being just 2% dehydrated will greatly reduce both mental and physical functions, making the decision to choose something healthy to eat even more difficult. In fact, when a craving for something to eat strikes us, it is more likely that we are in need of water, not food. I recommend keeping a bottle of water with you at all times and refill it numerously throughout the day. A great habit to try upon waking each morning is to drink a glass of cold, refreshing water while closing your eyes and thinking of everything in life being grateful for. You may be surprised of the mental clarity and positive emotional boost afterwards.

Make it a TEAM effort. “Together. Everyone. Achieves. More.”

Always remember that we are not alone on the journey of becoming the best version of ourselves. It takes teamwork, support, and encouragement from everyone around us to achieve goals, whether they are little or large. When having a get together it is expected that food will be involved. I recommend searching for a healthier recipe of your favorite dish or encouraging anyone going to bring foods that will help each other stay on track. Hold each other accountable for making healthy decisions and always keep a positive, upbeat attitude towards food. View food choices as fuel for the high performing machine we all are. Quality input equals quality output!

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