Holistic Eating Podcasts

In an industry which is ever changing and people are constantly coming up with different and sometimes better ways of doing things, it gets hard to stay on top of everything. I find this especially to be the case when it comes to topics of nutrition. Whether it’s Paleo, 60/20/20, hormone optimization, or low fat, there are many different diet methodologies that are presented as “the best” whether that is fat loss, muscle gain or just general health. With all the information out there, how do you stay on top of which is which let alone decide which method may work best for you given your goals and lifestyle? Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to get a taste of what is going on in the industry. If I find something that intrigues me I will often search for more information on the topic in books or related articles. The format of my two favorite podcasts is a host interviewing a subject matter expert, usually someone very knowledgeable in that area or has written a book on the topic.

Fat-Burning ManThe Fat Burning Man and Bulletproof Executive are my go to Podcasts when looking to hear more information on holistic eating. Holistic eating is eating natural foods to optimize health. Abel James, the host of The Fat Burning Man, brings guests from the field of nutrition and talks about the cutting edge topics of eating natural foods to optimize the performance and physic of the body. He has had guests that are looking to help women manage hormones while changing body composition to authors talking about how fasting can make you gain muscle and strength quickly. I find it very interesting because it often gives me ideas on diet experiments that I want to try on myself along with making me think outside the box when it comes to eating and nutrition habits.

Bulletproof ExecutiveThe Bulletproof Executive, David Aspery, is another podcast which focuses on diet but is main focus is productivity. He is all about optimizing the diet so that you are healthy and can maximize your productivity. He has some very unique ideas on how to maximize the potential of the mind through diet, supplementation, and exercise. One of his most popular theories is the Bulletproof Coffee. 16oz coffee, 1-2 tablespoons each of grass fed butter and coconut or MCT oil. The fat in the butter and oil slows the digestion of the caffeine to give you a longer more sustaining energy. The fat in the butter will also help in digestion and repair of any damaged GI track. MCT or medium chain triglycerides, are fats that the brain can use as energy. Is your answer to combating brain fog in the morning, simply drinking a glass of juice? It does clear it up because the sugar is easily utilized by the brain, however it negatively increases blood sugar therefore lowering insulin sensitivity. MCT supplies the brain with the same energy with out the effects on the blood sugar levels. Other interesting topics of productivity that David has covered include benefits of procrastination, acting on your free will, and the importance of sex in business success.

If you’re looking for ways to optimize your physical and mental gains, I would highly recommend you check out these two podcasts.

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