Looking for a Challenge

Looking at me today, you would never know that I’ve battled weight issues most of my life. I was alwayslooking for the next “new thing” to lose weight and at times, doing some not so healthy things to mybody. After the birth of my son 9 years ago, I knew I needed to make changes and live a healthier life.

I began working out 5 days a week doing your typical cardio and strength sessions and saw some prettygood results. This motivated to start running, something that would become my passion. I begantraining for local races and even worked my way up to a marathon 3 years ago. After a lot of hard work(and logging hundreds of miles), I qualified for the Boston marathon which was a goal I chased for 3years. I felt I was very strong, was in great shape and was began looking for something more…enterSpartan Strength.
Having been tagged as a “workout fanatic” and looking for my next challenge, my chiropractorsuggested I give Spartan Strength a try (thanks, Brett!). After all the running I was doing, he felt my bodywould benefit from functional training, not to mention giving my legs/joints a break from the countlessmiles of pavement I was pounding on a weekly basis.

After viewing the Spartan website site countless times, I told my husband I wanted to give it a try. Thistook a bit of “selling” given we have a 700 sq ft gym in our basement which would rival most hotels. Weagreed that I would try it for 2 months and at that point I would learn enough “new things” that I coulddo the workouts at home on my own.
I attended my first class at 5am on December 28th, 2010…I was nervous (and didn’t sleep much the nightbefore). Prior to Spartan I had never attended a “fitness” class; I’ve always workout at home. What anamazing experience! I loved the no-frills, intensely motivating and team support I received from Nick,Michelle and the 5am class. I couldn’t wait to go the next morning. I began telling everybody aboutSpartan (which got old for my husband really quick).

I found the workouts to be difficult from an intensity perspective however relatively simple to learn.It wasn’t long before I was able to “match my fitness level/ability” to a couple others in my class andbegan to (secretly) compete against them to increase the intensity of my workouts (thanks, Michelle,Mindy and Lindsey!)

What a ride these last 6 months have been (yes, my 2 month “trial” fell by the wayside long ago!).The physical changes have been amazing (I’ve lost 5 pounds and 10% body fat). I can lift 2-3 times theamount of weight I could prior to coming to Spartan. I can truly say that at 43 years old, I am in the bestshape of my life.

I’m still attending the 5am class (although I have the flexibility to attend any of the others)…this groupof people and the intensity level are exactly what I need. My 9 year old son starting attending Spartan a few months ago, so a few times a week we workout together (2-a-days for me!), which I love!

So what’s my next new challenge? 1) advance to the 2ft plyo box on box jumps, 2) lose the green bandon pull-ups and 3) hit the ceiling with a 12 pound med ball on ceiling shots.
Who knows…maybe participation in a Tough Mudder race with the Spartan team is in my future!

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