Mind Set

This week I would like to continue in the book by Mike Chapman, “Wrestling Tough.”  Last week we focused on setting goals and the dedication and perserverance that it takes to accomplish our goals.  I also touched  briefly on adversity and using our weaknesses as an opportunity to improve as a person.  I would like to go into a little further detail on this topic and how powerful the mind can be in accomplishing great success in life.

A few years ago my wife and I were living in Chicago when a client introduced us to a book called, “The Secret.”  The basis of the book is positive mental imagery, and the power the mind plays in the success of a person or the circumstances they face in life.  They do a great job of showing how this “Secret” has existed throughout history and in the philosophies of many great leaders.  We have all had friends that say, “I never get sick,”  most of the time they don’t, “I can’t lose the last 10 pounds,” usually they don’t.  Why do these things seem to always remain true for these people, because they are constantly saying affirmations of not being sick, or having to lose weight.  It doesn’t matter the thought, positive or negative the belief makes it reality.  “Be weary of your thoughts for they become action,” John Wooden.  Several successful athletes have mentioned the importance of meditation or visualization of an event before it occured.  They picture themselves making the big catch, making the great defensive play, and getting their hand raised in victory.  Mind Set plays an important role in their success.  The mind feeds the body the confidence to overcome minor setbacks and continue to move forward because have truly envisioned and made success apart of their being.

Thursdays are a very tough days here at Spartan and last week was no exception.  As I explained the exercises and the tempo for the day I noticed several different  reactions to the workout.  Some were fearless and had a calm look that was confident and ready to work.  Some were scared and really uncertain to what was going to happen, whether good or bad they really were unsure to what was to come.  Finally there are those that are mad and saying the workout is going to stink and they are going to die and all that goes with the negative attitude toward a challenge.  How do you think each one of these groups did during the workout?  There mind set leading into the workout deteremined their reality, calm confident group tore it up and loved the challenge, unsure group, 50/50 some did great and others struggled, but the group that had negative talk all struggled and thought they were approaching death.  MIND SET

Positive self talk.  Use positive affirmation, I am doing better, I will be a better spouse, whatever you want in life; talk as if you already have it and it will be yours.  Our thoughts influence our actions.  Both mental and physical conditioning are both important in being successful no matter your walk of life.  This week when you catch yourself thinking or speaking something negative, reverse that and turn it into a positive statement.  You may find yourself smiling a little more throughout the day.  POSITIVE MIND SET

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