New Year Resolution

I have read that nearly half of all adults in America make a New Years Resolution every year. With this new year off to it’s start I wonder how many of these resolutions were to “lose weight” or “exercise more” and what methods people have put in place to achieve their goals. It’s this time every year when these dedicated, well intended folks, flock to gyms all over the place to begin their annual quest for self improvement. Like other gyms Spartan Strength Performance Gym sees a spike in memberships during the post holiday resolution season, we meet new people who are excited to “make this their year” and to lose the excess pounds they put on between Thanksgiving and Christmas. As statistics would have it, it is also true that as the year rolls on these same people that were so committed a short time ago begin to lose interest in their resolution and within the first couple months the percentage of resolutioners still sticking to it is down by half. They settle back into their former routine, and begin making excuses as to why it just wasn’t working for them. Only to let one more year go by having left their goals unfulfilled and promise themselves that this would be their resolution again next year. It’s never easy to see clients leave or never fully commit to the gym under any circumstance, but especially when you know they have talked themselves out of believing they had what it takes, or made themselves believe that they just didn’t have the time, which is so often the case in making and then failing to hold up on a New Years Resolution.

It is for these reasons that I offer a different view and hopefully a more encouraging approach to beginning and staying committed to a new workout routine. Consider this an invitation to make positive lifestyle choices, benefiting yourself and those who care about you. Wether your motivation is to get fit, become more athletic, compete in athletics, be at the top of your game, or simply be able to play with your children, Spartan Strength Performance Gym can help you fulfill each of these goals. It is important to note first that we understand that you are busy; we all are. People who have made daily workouts a successful part of their schedule didn’t do so because they just didn’t have anything else going on, they consciously decided to make their health a priority and made sacrifices and adjustments where they were needed. Showing up at the gym everyday ready for a challenge and willing to put in hard work is a huge first step and an obvious reflection of your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. There will be days that seem harder than others and even days when you don’t feel like coming or feel like giving up when you’re there, but keeping in mind the benefits and goals you’ve set for yourself, you keep going and you begin to see results and make strides toward the mark you set for yourself. Along with working out, making healthier food choices is a key factor in making body composition change. One way to do this is by listing some of your favorite meals and then researching recipes for healthier versions of them. It is our hope that in this New Year our friends, clients, and those reading this would not focus on committing themselves to a resolution that would statistically lend them permission to fail, but that they would begin to make positive lifestyle choices and commitments to themselves to maintain healthy active lifestyles, that would last far beyond the new year and reach into the years to come. We are committed to help and encourage each and every person who comes through the door, but we can’t do it for you, your willingness to reach your full potential is a key factor in your success.

Michelle Clark

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