Preparing for the Course

Last week we talked about signing up for an obstacle course to help you stay motivated.  Now that you’ve signed up how do you train for the event?  These events require a combination of endurance, strength, and power.  While most people look at the total miles of the event and feel the must hit the pavement and log the miles, from my experience, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Urbanathlon, logging normal miles is not the most effective way to prepare for the running you will experience in these races.  Most of the miles in these events are vertical, hills stairs, and other forms of resistance running are much more effective.

Obstacles in these events require strength and power of varied degrees.  Upper body, strength, endurance, and power along with lower body power and strength will be crucial to your success. Normal lifting and strength regimens will help you but are you training while fatigued?

Circuit training which includes a lot of body weight exercises is going to be most effective. After running a mile uphill you will come to a wall and have to climb that wall fatigued and tight.  Have you trained your legs to explode after a mile run?  Have you done pullups after low crawling for 50 yards?

Cross training is going to help you prepare for these events.  It is important to train properly for these events so that you can not only perform at your best, but also to reduce the risk of injury.  Training in the most diverse, complete fitness environment will best prepare your body for the demands your body will experience in an obstacle course race.  If you are participating in an obstacle course race, come try Spartan and experience how we can have you best prepared for your race.

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