Personalized Programming

Our core service is personalized strength and conditioning.  Our programs are built with your specific goal and ability in mind.  Our trainer will consult with you and get you on the best program to achieve your goal, fit your lifestyle, as well as plenty of variety.  You will have a coach each time you attend to assure that you understand the program and perform each exercise correctly.

Circuit Training

Spartan Circuit Training consist of 2 strength days, 3 conditioning days, and 1 yoga/recovery day.  The strength days contain full body exercises utilizing body weight exercises and kettlebell/dumbbell movements.  Conditioning days are high-paced circuits that will have you sweating and your heart pounding.  Rowers, ropes, and a number of different apparatus are used in these heart pounding circuits.  Exercises will be modified by your coach to fit your ability.  All workouts can be tailored to your specifics

Online Programming

Programs are available to help you achieve your fitness goals from your home gym.  From Olympic Lifting to CrossFit, General Fitness to Injury Recovery.  Nick will write a program that fits within your lifestyle.  $50-$100/month depending on the amount of continued support you desire.  Cost includes 1 hour consultation with Nick each month to discuss progress of the program.



The programs offered by Spartan Strength are designed to challenge members and improve overall health and athletic ability. Prospective members are pre-screened to ensure that you begin at the correct intensity level and to identify any limitations.


Spartan Strength Certifications include USAW-Level 1, NASM-CPT & PES, NSCA-CSCS, TRX Group and Personal Suspension Training.