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Spartan Strength from a woman’s (my)  perspective…

After years of fad diets, and here and there exercising that usually included; aimless running, step aerobics classes, attempts at yoga, and trying to figure out confusing machines in corporate gyms,  I settled into on and off routines to get fit and eat right that usually lasted a week or two before I got bored, became frustrated or found something better to fill that time with.  My attitude towards working out changed  when I was invited to Spartan Strength Performance Gym by a girlfriend a year ago.  Although,  I had heard about Spartan and had even met Nick previously but like I usually did I made a list of excuses as to why I couldn’t go, including things like, “I don’t have time,”  “that place is for guys,” “I already have a membership somewhere, I’ll go run on the treadmill” and had myself convinced as to why Spartan wasn’t right for me.  It wasn’t until I first experienced this unique workout plan that I realized that none of those excuses were valid and that this was exactly what I needed.  With Spartan Strength offering classes all throughout the day staring at 5:00am-10:00am and then in the afternoon at 3:00pm-7:00 pm, I found a class time that worked with my schedule and made Spartan and my physical health a priority in my week.  It was easy at first to be intimidated by workouts I was unfamiliar with and equipment like tractor tires, tow ropes, and sledge hammers.  Also being the “new girl” in class, wasn’t easy  but I realized quickly that this wasn’t just a class but a team and everyone was willing to help and eager to assist, not only that but that our “coach” cared about each one of us and after throughly explaining each exercise to the group he would work individually with me until I got it right.  I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to various other gyms by myself not knowing how to use the equipment, or how long to spend on each exercise, or what to expect as far as results were concerned.  This was not only a source of frustration but led me in the past to spend thousands of dollars on personal trainers that ultimately left me feeling defeated.  With the Head Trainer and Performance Specialist Nick Rouse designing each exercise everyday to be different and challenging,  I no longer had to be confused about what to do when I got to the gym.  I just had to show up and push myself to do the work.

Soon after I joined Spartan it was time to get my weight and body fat in order to set realistic goals for myself.  (Yes I had to weigh myself in front of the trainer and he was going to write it down….Like you I had some anxiety attached to this event, but I made it!)  Nick and I talked about the numbers and what those meant to me, and how working out at Spartan would affect them.  This was helpful because i automatically thought if I was working out hard and working out often I was going to be “skinny” in no time.  After having this conversation with Nick I realized the error in this thought process and he helped me get a better understanding of how with each workout I would be burning calories, building muscle, and increasing my flexibility and range of motion.  It wasn’t long before I began noticing  that in addition to these things I was also becoming stronger, I had more endurance, and I began to look forward to the challenges each workout presented.  Every 6 weeks I would weigh myself and retest my body fat to see how I was progressing.  It was always reassuring to see these numbers decrease, but I already knew how much better I felt as a result of the daily workouts so the change in these numbers was really just a bonus to the visible changes to my body and noticeable changes in my energy and motivation levels.

Along with the improvements in my physical health and attitude towards working out, Spartan Strength has also expanded my views on fitness options for women.  With each class offered focusing on functional training and with each exercise having a progression and a regression it makes Spartan Strength Performance Gym  an ideal place for everyone to work out whether they are looking to excel in a sport, burn calories, build muscle, or improve their overall health.

Michelle Clark

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