What is the difference between Spartan and other programs? MOVEMENT!  Forwards, backwards, up, and down.  Spartans start each workout with a dynamic warmup, a stretch and form running.  Muscles are similar to rubber bands the further they stretch the greater the force when they recoil.  They also have their limits before they breakdown or snap.  One other similarity of muscles and rubber bands, though not as direct, cold rubber bands and muscles both have less elasticity as than warm muscles or rubber bands.

A lot of clients think that a short walk or some toe touches are good warmups and often have a difficult time reaching full range of motion in a squat or side lunge.  A dynamic stretch is a stretch that works the body through a sequence of movements that work the body in all planes while mimicking movements that will be performed throughout the workout.  This type of stretch has three benefits; activating neuromuscular system, raising core body temperature, and increasing elasticity of the muscle.

Raising the core temperature improves blood flow and elasticity.  More blood flow to a muscle means that the cells will both be able to receive fresh nutrient rich blood and eliminate waste so the muscle can perform at a high level longer.  The increased blood flow means warmer muscle which can stretch and relax more efficiently.  Increase elasticity leads to better performance and a decrease in injury.  While performing movements in a large range the neuromuscular system is forced to respond therefore awakening the body and improving balance and mobility.

After the dynamic stretch we participate in a dynamic warmup at a slight higher tempo.  This could be a number of different activities usually including footwork or form running drills.  These activities help improve foot speed, explosiveness, and running form all while preparing the athlete for the workout.

Come on over to Spartan and see what a dynamic warmup and intense workout can do for your athleticism and fitness goals.  A Spartan must assure they are ready for the battle before it begins.

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