Growing up an athlete, being a member of a team has always been a huge part of my life. Teams have taughtbme lessons in accountability, selflessness, competition, and how to be successful. Now success has not always been winning, but rather growing and becoming a better teammate and person. This is exactly the reason we treat each Spartan workout as team training and all members as teammates. Why? Because we can achieve more as a member of a team than we can on our own.

Goals in fitness and often in life can be met with the help of others because of these factors. It also makes achieving these goals with friends and seeing and supporting them as they achieve their goals is gratifying as well.

Accountantabilty. Now we all know there has been times in which we don’t want to workout or when we do we just go through the motions. Working out with a team of your peers holds you accountable, with social media, miss a workout and someone will be contacting you to see where you been and to assure everything is ok. Community! Consistency is key to accomplishing goals and with others caring about you and your goals makes consistency easier. We’ve all got the calls from the local gym, “Sir I see you haven’t been to the gym in two months. How about we get you in here and sign you up for PT and achieve those goals?”. Where was that call two months ago?

Selflessness. Our goals are important but it feels pretty dang good helping others achieve their goals as well. Sometimes we don’t want to train and knowing others are looking for a push and looked out for you when you were lacking motivation, we soon learn that going to the gym not only helps ourselves but others achieve their goals as well. The success of the team and helping others becomes more important than feeling sorry for ourselves and the long day we had.

Competition. Competing with teammates and pushing each other in a race can help us find the courage to attempt and accomplish things we never though possible. Keeping up with the Smiths? If we took this to heart in the gym, rather than in society, we all when by getting healthier together. “I’m not competitive,” that’s fine get in a team environment and you soon will strive on healthy competition.

These factors lead to success! We learn to be better coworkers, bosses, parents! T.E.A.M Together Everyone Accomplishes More. Even in chiropractic we need a good team and support staff to accomplish our health and recovery goals.

This is not just about workouts. We are members of several types of teams. Let’s work to be the best person we can be, to help our teams and families accomplish more.

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