A Gym That’s Changing Lives

Each day during your walk to work, lunch break or on your way home; you may pass a black building with tall windows and view individuals doing what you may think is the “craziest workout you’ve ever seen.” You may have seen these same individuals carry medicine balls while running the streets of downtown or do bear crawls backwards up a hill; but what you don’t see is how this crazy family owned business is changing the lives of each person that walks through the doors.

Spartan Strength is not just another gym; it’s a place that cares about its client’s mental, physical and overall well being. It’s a place that clients conquer their fears head on and tell themselves that nothing will stand in their way to greatness. You may say to yourselves “how can a business achieve this?” The answer is simple, the owner. Spartan Strength was built upon the intelligence and philosophies of Nick Rouse gained through years of research, education and experience as a coach at Drake University. Nick is the type of owner that puts his clients first and takes time to understand the goals and fears of each client; and then provides each client with the knowledge and workouts needed to achieve these goals.

As a client for six months; I can testify to Spartan Strengths ability to take a scared and weak frame of mind person, into a person who has the confidence to wear shorts in the summer time or who isn’t afraid to work out in front of others because of self-doubt. I was even too scared to stay in my own home alone since being robbed. I didn’t have the confidence or knowledge in how to defend myself and due to that I lost a lot of sleep. I almost didn’t even have the courage to try Spartan Strength six months ago. I was terrified of discovering a different me and of change in general. I was comfortable with my low self-esteem and everyday life, where I would look at the people who worked out or listen to their conversations and say to myself “man, I wish I could be them.” Thinking back today, I am glad that I decided to take a stand against the negative thoughts in my head and give Spartan Strength a try. Since my first day, I have never looked back.

I have changed into the person that I desired to be for so long. I also learned how to truly work out and how to defend myself if needed. With this change in myself, I started noticing a change in others. Nick’s program of training your body and mind is paying off for all of us. With each pound lost and weight increased on the weight bar, the positive and supportiveness increases. Spartan Strength is not a business, it’s a family. A family that consists of supportive and encouraging people. Spartan is not a place where individuals run senseless miles on a treadmill, but a team of people cheering each person on. A place that you can hear people scream, “you got it,” “don’t give up,” and “that was amazing.” All of us show up each day knowing that we are part of something great, something that you are willing to wake up for at the crack of dawn to push your body past its comfort zone and know that it’s worth it. A place that I proudly call my second home and the reason why I feel more like the person I was meant to be.

As a Spartan for six months, I want to reach out to fellow Spartans and others who were like me; scared of change and say, don’t ever be afraid of taking a chance at becoming a different person because you too could also find a better you inside. So the next time you walk by those windows on 5th and Locust in downtown Des Moines, and see those crazy nut jobs pushing weights across the floor; remember that at Spartan Strength you aren’t just changing your body but you are also changing your state of mind and coming a better you; you are becoming part of a team.