Facebook Testimonials

Traci Hill Havlik

November 15
It’s always a better day when it’s started at Spartan Strength…thanks to Nick and all the hard workers there pushing you to be your best!!!!

Jason Tart

People always say don’t lift those heavy ass weights because you’ll regret it…what I regret is NEVER stretching and having a balance of strength, conditioning, and balance. I’ve learned all this at Spartan Strength! Until you’ve tried this type of training, you haven’t trained to your potential!
November 5 

Tiffany Nelson

Thank you to you and Kimberley Presley for helping me and modifying workouts when my body isn’t at 100% so I can keep moving, it’s appreciated more than you know :)
October 2 at 10:09am

Ronnie Britt

Thanks for all you do Nick! I couldn’t do this without ya. From the dieting, nutrition, inspiration and the wealth of knowledge to the kick ass workouts, you got this old man able to bang it out w these youngsters….and winning.
June 14 at 6:32pm 

Mindy Richtsmeier

Nick!! Thanks for the fabulous workout last Saturday morning before Miss Emma Jane surprised us with a smidge of an early arrival later that night. Brad and I were laughing in the delivery room because I literally worked out with you right up until birth. Sooooo happy that I stayed in shape throughout this pregnancy with the Spartan crew. The hospital staff was pumped about it, as well, because it made for an easy (relatively speaking 😉 ) and quick delivery and recovery. Day 6 and we’re all feeling great and loving life! We’ll be back in full force when we can.
September 3 at 11:13am 

Chad Vandermark

Spartan Strength never, ever gets easier. Gotta love it!!!
August 15 at 5:29pm

Mindy Richtsmeier

Seven and a half months pregnant, still working out at Spartan Strength and feeling great! Thank you, Nick Rouse— You rock my fitness world! Best. Gym. Ever.
July 29 at 11:55am

Josh Engelhart

I wanted to let you know that I can really appreciate all of the leg and core work you have us do, as it really made all of the hills so much easier these last two days to ride up than last year…Thanks!!
July 25 at 2:23pm

Connie Cook

We loved last nights workout!! You should have told me it was that much fun!
May 26 at 8:59am

Todd W Fatino

My legs are destroyed…I haven’t been this sore since week one at Spartan…I knew yesterday was tough but good lord this pain is for real! Nick Rouse Spartan Strength is legit
May 10 at 8:13am

Sue Holloway Hess

I flipped the tire all by myself tonight at Spartan Strength! It felt great!!! :-)
May 5 at 8:43pm