Jake DeMouth

I wanted to share a little bit about my experience here at Spartan Strength with you.

It’s been about a year, since I walked through your doors, not really knowing what I was getting into. I was at my heaviest point in my life. A brisk walk through the skywalk would leave me a little breathless and my performance on the softball diamond and basketball court was suffering. I had lost weight in the past by working out on my own, but always gained it back. I was really looking to make a change that would stick.

There are a couple of things I remember from my first day at the gym last December…figuring out that the first five minutes was just the warm up and not the actual workout. The other was staggering back to the locker room after the workout and being thankful there was a chair in one of the showers.

The first few months were purely survival. My goal was to get through the workouts without dying. I remember you helped modify my workouts to help me through it, but it also motivated me to get better so I could do the full workout.

After a few months I began to build strength, lose body fat and gain confidence. I was able to get through the workout and begin pushing myself even further. One of my weaknesses was my mental toughness. I was the type of person that when my lungs began to burn or legs started to hurt, I’d slow down or stop. I remember your talks about pushing through your self-imposed mental limitations and breaking through them.  I continued to push myself even farther. People may run faster, jump higher, lift more weight, but I dedicated to myself that no one was going to work harder than me. If I was able to talk and joke at the end of a workout, then I didn’t work hard enough. I wanted to be gassed and have the same feeling I had during the first workout I attended.

With your guidance, I’ve changed my eating habits as well. That’s been a real key to my success. I try to eat mostly whole foods and remove as many processed foods as possible. This isn’t just a diet, but a lifestyle change.

Today, I’m in the best shape of my life.  Overall I’ve lost over 60 pounds and shed a ton of body fat. I now weigh less than I did back in high school. I can jump higher, run faster, and go farther. My performance on the softball diamond and basketball court is the best it’s ever been. When I make a great play, I chuckle and say to myself, “Spartan.”

I can’t think of life without Spartan Strength. I’ve drank the Kool-Aid and am now addicted. Every day I wonder what workout is on the whiteboard. I can’t wait to go everyday and miss it when I’m traveling for work. I look forward to this next year as there’s more work to be done. Thanks Nick for all your help and guidance!