Michelle Boelling

Thinking about making that 2013 New Year’s Resolution? Well let me share mine with you. Last year like every other year, I said I’m going to lose weight. I heard talk about this new gym coming downtown called Spartan Strength. I joined and two weeks later I found out I was expecting my second child. Perfect timing for my 2012 goal.

I decided I would continue going not knowing how long I would stick with this gym since I was pregnant and what pregnant lady wants to workout for 9 months right? Well, this one did and it was the best thing I did for myself. I stayed with the program and went every day over my lunch hour. While training with the other Spartans, I learned what a real workout was and what a real TEAM is. Everyone at Spartan Strength cares about you and makes sure you are pushing yourself to where you want to be. NO Spartan Left Behind!!

After having my little Spartan, I jumped back into the program and now I can’t wait to make my 2013 Spartan Resolution!

December 5, 2012