Tom Joensen

I am a 40 year-old downtown professional. I have been working out at Spartan Strength for three months. My purpose in joining was to kick-start my fitness. Unfortunately, as I have gotten older and time commitments intrude on one’s day, I became entrenched into a dangerous cycle of working out for a number of months, only to be bogged down by the job and life. As result, I often ¬†found myself in awful shape weeks or months after completing the local fitness center’s 10 week program or my [fill in the blank] day or week video work-out.

Nick Rouse has developed a perfect model that will give you the instructional, physical, and mental support you need to reach your personal objective. That is the difference of Spartan Strength – you have Nick and your co-Spartans supporting you in whatever individual, specific goals you may have.

I was concerned that Spartan Stength would be over-run with “meat heads.” I am not into the culture of “getting my pump.” I simply want to work out as hard as I can for my age at a convenient time. At ¬†Spartan Strength, there is a unique environment that meets the needs of a variety of different people with different goals – including my own. Some people are very intense. Others quietly go about their business. No one is uncomfortable, however.

In addition to everything discussed above, two of the best characteristics of Spartan Strength are: (1) you do not have a “finish line,” where you stop working out after you’ve completed a program and (2) VARIETY each day. ¬†Typically, I would just be completing my cycle after the three months and would stop working out. I now plan to work out with Spartan Strenth indefinitely. Also, each day is different within the general week-long schedule. One does not have to force him or herself to go through the exact same regimen during his or her umpteemth strength workout.

The workouts are hard. But whether you are coming to Spartan-Strength for an intense work-out to prepare for a cage fight, are training for a “Tough Mudder” or “Spartan Race,” or are simply trying to live a healthy lifestyle and become as fit as you ever have, Spartan Strength will work for you. I know some of my co-Spartans have achieved new levels of fitness that they never imagined possible. For others, like me, I simply have a convenient place to go to work out as hard as I possibly can over the lunch hour.

Thanks to Nick and all of the “Spartans.”

Tom J.